Oli Kemp

Who the heck are you?

Hey I'm Oli! I'm the gentle giant of Real Radio. At 6'5 I tend to stand out alot in crowds.

Debbie is my amazing wife who's shorter and looks so much younger then me (Even though shes a bit older) and I always get asked if I'm her dad. You get the picture. We have an amazing little girl called Willow who has had a really tough start to her life after being born premature and diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. We spend loads of time caring for her along with tons of trips to the Children's Hospital. She really is my pride and joy!

We also have another baby on the way in July ... My best mate asked why I do it to myself. Haha, I guess I love a challenge.

I've recently got back into the gym and go most days because it makes me feel great and on cheat meal days, Pizza plays a big part in my life. Especially from Dominos. Texas BBQ. Wow!

What puts a Real Smile on Your Face?

Good people put a Real smile on my face. People who take a minute to think about the way you or others feel and push their own feelings aside.  When someone does the simplest thing; lets you go at a road junction when they don't have to or just asks how your day is going, that puts a Real smile on my face.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Ok, this will only make sense if you've got kids and watch Cbeebies but I'm a big fan of two shows. Mr Tumbles and Small Potatoes. I'll go out of my way to see if it's on and I struggle to come up with a reason for watching toddlers TV if Willow isn't around and i've got it on.

Share your one Real talent:

I'm a singer!  I always wanted to sing in West End musicals when I was a teenager and had some success but then I gave it all up. I'll never really understand why. Anyway, after a long time out, I got back in to singing and when I get the time I get payed to be a session singer. I love it (:

What is your biggest fail to date?

Which one? There have been so many!  What about the time I worked at a major London airport and accidentally put a 14 year old on the wrong flight to the other side of the world... that made the national papers.  If it's going to happen to someone, it'll happen to me.

Favourite childhood memory?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a bit of an airplane geek, though I'd stop short of calling myself a 'plane-spotter'!  I was about 11. It was in the days when you could go and visit the pilots at the front of the plane, I got to go up and chat and because I was so interested the captain invited me to sit in the jump-seat for landing.

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