Cheryl 'didn't mime on Voice UK'

Cheryl - The Voice

Cheryl's representatives insist that she didn't mime during her live Call My Name performance on The Voice UK.

She promised beforehand that she'd sing the track live in honour of the show's ideals: "it's all about The Voice".

Many felt cheated afterwards though, suggesting that she had instead mimed her way through the song - although her 10 foot swan dive in to the dancers was quite impressive.

Her publicist sings a different tune however, saying:

"She sang live with a backing track.

"It would have been hard for Cheryl to have sung through the whole performance - it was such an energetic dance routine.

"But I'm sure people will be disappointed if they expected her to sing throughout."

Are you convinced?  You can judge for yourself below!

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Image for abbey Channing'xo

abbey Channing'xo

I love chezza she has an amazing voice, and i knew she didnt mime on the xfactor because her voice sounded natural unlike it is when it is recorded in the recording studio. Loveyou cheryl!

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Image for Kerry


I can't quite understand how people thought she was miming !!!!! It's obivious she wasnt as she was out of breathe on some lyrics with that amazing dance routine. Think people need to get a life an give the girl a break !

1 year ago Link to this comment

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