Cheryl visits Dixie & Gayle

Well after banning the Geordie Princess for two years, Dixie and Gayle were pressured by the boss and in the interests of keeping their jobs, they gave the Girls Aloud singer an interview.

Just to give you the background - Two years ago, the mere mention of the former Miss Tweedy was banned from Real Radio Breakfast. This came following a ridiculous amount of press coverage. Her face (and indeed her hair) was everywhere and people were getting a bit bored.

Although Dixie and Gayle didn't hate Cowell's toy, they decided it was only fair to let the audience decide if she should ever be mentioned again in the news or showbiz or even in passing, during the hours 6am till 9am. As a result, the ex-X Factor judge from the North East, was voted off the show. And indeed if the artist (managed by Will I. Am) was accidentally mentioned, a donation of ten pounds would be made by the culprit, to Help For Heroes.

But hey, is it all water under the Tyne Bridge now? Should they lift the ban on the Angel Of The North and welcome her back to the bosom of Real Radio Breakfast?

We asked you whether she should be allowed back and you voted overwhelmingly for... "Time to talk about her again!"

Welcome back to Real Radio Breakfast, Cheryl!
Because they're worth it.

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